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Hi, I’m Mia Mayweather


About Me

I’ve buit my career on exploring places where seemingly disparate ideas meet:
nature & cities.
sustainability & art.
film production & environmentalism.
data & creativity.
This curiosity continues to drive my approach to thinking about global environmental and social solutions.

I earned my Master’s in Urban Sustainability and have spent the last six years building my expertise by working on
mulitdisciplinary projects that explore those intersections where change takes place.

Sustainability Consulting

Remote Herbal Consultations

Package up

material design

I am a multidisciplinary sustainability professional. I combine my expertise in strategy, data and creative design to develop environmental impact-reduction solutions for brands striving to develop sustainability initiatives in a meaningful way. I have worked for a variety companies including Disney, NBCUniversal, Sony, among others. 

I work with companies who strive to weave sustainability into the fabric of their operations. One of the greatest joys of working in this field is teaching others and helping people without an environmental science background make the connection between the environmental and their activities. With my services, I encourage my clients and their employees to become invested provide training and materials to encourage companies to maintain a strong sustainability plan, encouraging employees to become invested in sustainability efforts.

When I’m not working, you can find me in a dance class, hanging with my cat, Otis, or making my way through the myriad of mind-blowingly delicious restaurants that L.A. has to offer.


Sustainability Consultant

Key responsiblities: Sustainable TV and film production, data analysis, environmental education, waste diversion, blogging, Corporate Social Resposnsibility, design, blogging

Making a movie is a carbon-intensive process. I managed NBCUniversal’s Sustainable Production Program which touched everything from LED lighting technology, composting on set, sourcing solar equipment, to communicating initiatives to crews. I trained more than 50 TV and film production crews to reduce their energy and waste impacts during production. I also expanded sustainability reporting systems, making it easier to quantify and report impact-reduction efforts, including carbon footprint data.

After receiving environmental data, I wrote blog posts, summarizing the production’s impact efforts featured on NBCUniversal’s corporate blog, Green Is Universal,

I also collaborated with NBCUniversal’s Corporate Communications team to design company-wide print and digital marketing and communication materials.

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising


Speaker and Expert Panelist

I was invited to give a Green Beauty 101 workshop for students at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Downtown LA. I was invited back to be an expert panelist on green beauty trends, a talk given to product development students.


Sustainability Coordinator

Key responsibilities: Corporate sustainability strategy, CSR, writing manuals, green event planning, waste reduction, building strategy, team management,

The glamour-filled XGames and ESPY awards celebrate the best athletes in the world, but events like these can create massive amounts of waste. I consulted on a diversion strategy for these events and managed waste reduction efforts for a high-profile event at L.A. Live, honoring ESPN’s 2015 Special Olympics.

I also wrote ESPN’s sustainable event best practices to be utilized for future Summer XGames events.